The ideal way to warm up and then go out running

8:23 h    24/07/2015

Warming up is one of the most neglected aspects when practising sport. Our body is not always ready for the effort and needs to be warned, without exception, both when we are getting ready to run a few kilometres and if we are thinking of covering long distances.

What are the benefits of warming up right? Above all it helps us avoid uncomfortable injuries and to maximize our performance during a session. A short warming up session prepares the muscles, ligaments and joints so that they do not suffer while you run or practise your favourite sport.

In the case of running, warming up should consist of doing short mobility exercises on the joints that we will use most: the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.

For the ankles, shoulders and hips the ideal thing is to do circular movements in both directions. For the shoulders, the joint that moves most, we can draw circles forwards and backwards, cross the arms in front of the body and make a cross with our arms and draw more circles with them.

Then, two or three minutes before going out running, we should do a light trot that will help us warm up and facilitate our blood circulation.

What we should never do when warming up are static stretching exercises (keeping the muscles stretched without moving), since stretching the muscles when cold might even cause us an injury.

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