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The ideal way to warm up and then go out running

08:23 h    24/07/2015

Warming up is one of the most neglected aspects when practising sport. Our body is not always ready for the effort and needs to be warned, without exception, both when…

Chicken, one of the mainstays of a healthy diet

08:21 h    24/07/2015

Being fit is a question of two things: doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. And this is where chicken comes into play, one of the healthiest foods that…

1.3 Proteins and resistance

10:00 h    03/03/2015

Resistance sports, like running, are becoming more and more popular. This kind of sport requires a greater amount of amino acids since our body, when making a great effort, consumes…

1.2 The growth of muscle mass and proteins

09:50 h    03/03/2015

Muscle growth depends enormously on proteins but it is not achieved by proteins alone. From here on, with a suitable intake of proteins the body turns this physical stimulus into…

1.1 Proteins for slimming

09:40 h    03/03/2015

When following a slimming diet, it has been shown that having more protein (between 1.5 and 2 grams per kilogram of body weight per day) helps us lose weight. Protein…

1. Proteins: the basis for life

09:30 h    03/03/2015

Proteins are molecules formed by linear chains of amino acids that play a fundamental role in life. They fulfil a multitude of different physiological functions, many of them of vital…